Service and Repair  

We offer a wide variety of service and repair jobs. No job is too small. For custom quotes, please contact us.

5 Minute Consultation: FREE

Minor instructions, advice and repairs completed in under 5 minutes.


Rent-A-Tech Service: $25-50

Quick, on the spot instructions, modifications & repairs completed in the store with the customer in under 30 minutes.

Bench Fee: $50

Many computer problems can be fixed quickly on our repair benches and do not require hours of labor. For these issues we offer this basic service.

Hourly Rate: $60

This is our hourly service rate for repairs that must be fixed on our tech benches in the back service center.

Service Calls: $75 (per hour)

Support,service,repairs done at your home.
(1 Hour Minimum - Business rate $100 per hr.)

PC Tune-Up: $99

Like a car, a computer also needs to be "tuned up" in order to maintain good performance. A PC Tune-Up will remove old files and programs, check for malware/viruses as well as clean the registry which greatly speeds up your computer.

Virus Removals: $75

Sometimes Viruses and Malware are just to difficult to remove on your own, even with the best software. Let a trained professional do the job quickly and correctly.

Reformat/Windows Reinstall: $99

When a computer has become overrun with a major virus or is simply in need of a factory restore, we recommend this option. We're setup for restores of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Physical Computer Cleaning $10
Windows Password Reset $25 / $35
Software Install (up to 3) $25
Driver(s) Install $50
VIP Express Fee $25
Data Recovery* (Under 5GB) $50
Data Recovery* (Over 5GB) Ask for Quote
Data Backup* (Under 4GB) $20
Data Backup* (Over 4GB) Ask for Quote

*Files are backed up on your PC, hard drive or media device.
Storage devices are available upon request (fees apply).