Although we do offer new PCs, many of our computers are "off-lease". This means that they were acquired from a leasing company that rented it to a corporation for up to 3 years. Once the lease expired, we took it (only if it was in "grade A" condition), refurbished it and removed the previous owner's hard drive and installed a new one with a clean, licensed copy of Microsoft Windows and updated drivers. This is the best way to purchase a used computer, as "refurbished only" models usually indicate that something was broken and needed to be replaced. Our computers have never been broken or abused and are in excellent condition.

The Advantages of Buying an "Off-Lease" Computer:

  • High End, Name Brand Laptop
  • New Hard Drive
  • Clean, Licensed Install of Windows (Zero "Ad or Trial Software" Installed)
  • Grade A Condition
  • 90-Day Full Warranty
  • Reasonable Price


Some of the Brands We Offer: